Exceptional Emergency Care Products, Tailored for Both Professionals and Individuals by ASA TECHMED

ASA TECHMED is a premier brand that excels in manufacturing and distributing top-grade emergency medical equipment. The brand offers an extensive array of crucial medical items, such as tourniquets, backboards, CPR masks, splints, bandages, and kinesiology tapes. The products are expertly designed to meet the stringent demands of medical professionals, sports aficionados, and anyone in need of superior medical tools. Be it a healthcare worker requiring dependable instruments for emergencies, or an individual seeking first-rate medical supplies, ASA TECHMED ensures their needs are met. The brand's dedication to high-quality products and customer satisfaction distinguishes it in the medical equipment industry.

Reach out to us today at +1 (631) 242 8161 or email us at business@asatechmed.com, and immerse yourself in the excellence that ASA TECHMED brings to the forefront of the medical equipment industry. Our team of knowledgeable and friendly experts stands prepared to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your emergency care requirements. Together, we will navigate any situation with confidence, ensuring optimal care for all.

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Cohesive / Self-Adhesive Bandages

This durable, premium tape is suitable for assorted uses. This self adhesive wrap can be torn without scissors, making it easy to tear off an inch or multiple yards as needed. Reliably strong while remaining gentle, the tape is nonwoven, so that each individual piece remains cohesive upon application and won't stretch out of shape. Whether you're wrapping a wrist sprain at home or splinting an ankle injury, the tape is easy to apply and easy to remove - making it excellent for vets as well as physical therapists. Conveniently available in bulk, the tape works as a compression bandage and makes a useful supply to pack with your sports equipment. Wrap athletic sprains at home with this self-adherent wrap, ideal for sport enthusiasts, physical therapy, gymnastics, and more. If you're a health care professional or vet, you'll also find this tape is made to standards appropriate for you.


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